Boatshed Annapolis Operating Under Boatshed USA HQ: 1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway

About Boatshed Annapolis

Welcome to Boatshed Annapolis

Annapolis joins the Boatshed movement! Whether Annapolis, Kent Island, or the many other boating destinations along the Chesapeake Bay's Maryland shores, Boatshed has it covered!

Why Boatshed?

Simply put, Boatshed offers a better brokerage service for buyers and for sellers. Over 20,000 boats sold so far are solid evidence. Boatshed, the largest yacht brokerage group in the world with over 70 locations worldwide places special value on Information, Technology and Professionalism as the keys to a successful and happy transaction. Boatshed has been sharpening and refining its performance of these values since its founding in 1998.


  • With the internet people expect that information, especially about big ticket items, will be abundant. And yet most brokers continue to operate on the principle of "don't give too much information or they won't want to see the boat". Obviously there's a problem with that thinking. Boatshed strives to provide more information than anyone -- more photos, more technical details, more of an understanding of "what's it like to be on this boat?".
  • We show things that others won't -- anchor lockers, bilges, storage compartments -- because more information provides a more complete understanding.
  • Over one million customers are registered with Boatshed because of the information we offer them.
  • With this abundant sharing of information Boatshed has a dramatically lower showings-to-sales ratio than others -- buyers can view a boat with more confidence about what they will see and are unlikely to be surprised.


  • Over many years Boatshed has created a proprietary platform for effectively marketing boats, managing the sales process, and strengthening customer relationships. We believe that this is simply the best technology in the business.
  • We also use the advertising tools that other brokers use so no stone is left unturned!
  • Boatshed is fanatical about the internet for matching boats with buyers, and is committed to always being at the leading edge of technology, including machine learning as the newest way to match boats to prospective buyers.
  • With these technical capabilities Boatshed sells boats faster and at a higher price.


  • Boatshed agents are trained on Boatshed values, technology and methods -- we are a Full Service Brokerage Organization staffed with professionals who love boats.
  • With the internet global reach is easy, but translating that into effective local service and support requires knowledgeable people on the ground. Boatshed is growing throughout the U.S. as it has elsewhere in the world as enthusiastic people join our team.
  • We have no long-term fixed-duration listing agreements for the sale of your boat -- cancel at any time with only 10 days notice. This is our guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our service.
  • No sale -- no fee.
  • We keep our sellers informed and even offer tools for them to self-assess the effectiveness of their listing with Boatshed.

Bottom line -- with our advanced technology, innovative methods, true international marketing, and local presence we can find buyers that traditional brokerage methods will not reach.